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Food Fanatics Retail Tour

5,000 years of Humanity's best food and beverage sales technique compressed into one day of learning.

Join us on a journey as we explore Sydney’s food scene. Meet the new food Entrepreneurs taking centre stage and capitalising on "the love of food economy" sweeping food consumption. The flight to quality food is now taking centre stage acroos the nation and the food entrepreneurs of Sydney who are masters of capturing market rifts know it.

IBISWorld research shows that Australians are spending $71 billion each year on food that we consume in the home. On top of that we spend $16.5 billion on takeaway food and a further $7.7 billion on food that we buy in restaurants and cafes.

Australian Food Habits

  • Breakfast - generally everyday cereal with cold milk, Fruit Juice from a bottle (they are very good quality), and very few people squeeze oranges at home. The most common eaten bread is the slice bread toast with butter and jam. The Coffee is weak mixed with cold milk in a big cup. Sweeteners are not very common used and they seemed to be amazed when you ask it.
  • School Lunch Box - Sandwich of bread with butter and vegemite, apple or any other fruit and a “little treat” that means a small chocolate or fruit/cereal bar. Others use Nutela  hazelnuts spread on the bread. As the kids stay in the school until 3 pm sometimes they bring pocket money to buy food in the tuck shop (canteen).
  • Adults lunch - Usually around 12 o'clock, and the preference are the sandwiches hamburgers. Meat Pies came second, and fried chicken pieces in third place of preference.
  • Dinner or Afternoon Tea - “Spaggy Bol”-  Spaghetti  Bolognese is one of the most requested kid dishes, but usually the menu is composed with some kind of meat and  vegetables, always have potatoes or mash potatoes. This means the traditional English style meal Meat + 3 Vegetables. The rice has been introduced by the Asian culture (30% of the population) but the consume is still very low ( generally they don't know how to do very well and the outcome is a very sticky rice).
  • Weekends - For the families the Fish & Chips (fried fish with fried potatoes) is the most requested eaten with a lot of ketchup. To the younger generation Pizzas. The BBQ (Barbie) is very popular as well on the weekends.

Creating Food Culture
These retail entrepreneurs research consumption behaviour and model it into food outlets that are extremely profitable. They then work together as a group to create precincts where the put outlets as close as possible creating social hotspots that entice consumers to come to the precinct rather than an individual food outlet. This offer allows consumers to eat differently every time the visit the precinct because all offers there are of a very high quality and this creates changes in ongoing consumption behaviour.

  • Who are these food trend setters and how are they influencing where and what we eat?
  • What is it about their business that makes them stand out from other food outlets?
  • How can you learn from the best food retailers in Sydney and perhaps even join them?

Jump on the bus and let Food Fanatics take you on an Odyssey of food like no other. If you love food, want to learn about the food economy or If you are thinking of getting into the food and beverage business, then this Tour will be the best 1 day investment you can make.

The Tour is Hosted by Award winning Restaurateurs and retailers and will change your views on food forever. The Details are below;

Food Odyssey tour

  • A wandering tour of Sydney's iconic food precincts looking at food offerings
  • Reviewing consumer behaviour
  • Business trend setters and up and coming new concepts
  • Creative interior and functional design
  • Innovation in food service
  • Business Intelligence in Food

WHEN: Monthly
WHERE: Locations in and around Sydney, Australia
COST: $490pp includes Lunch

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